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Research and development focused on the surface-enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) in close cooperation with ICT Prague, the Department of Solid State Engineering. The unique structures amplify the useful signal from the analyte and boost detection threshold up to 10^15 times. Utilizing nanostructures with nanoparticles allows monitoring and high-resolution detection of chemical and biological compounds or quantities of the analyte down to one molecule.

Research topics

Modeling and testing of the basic structure for the Raman enhancing utilizing tuned noble metal gratings to surface plasmonics

Modeling and testing advanced hierarchy structures combining fine-tuned base structures and defined nanoparticles to further boost of the signal by selective secondary enhancing depending on the shape, size, materials, and types of the particles

Modeling and testing unique structures tailored to the enhance detection of the desired analyte:

• Sandwich structure for the active capturing and in-situ analyzing of the TNT, DNA, hormones

• Structures tailored to live capture and detect heavy metals, pesticides, cholesterol markers, specific DNA, cancerous cells, an so on.