jakovenko_fJiří Jakovenko

prof. Ing., Ph.D.

Tel: +420-22435 2794

E-mail: jakovenk(at)fel.cvut.cz

ORCID: 0000-0002-1159-6917; My ResearcherID:  H-9858-2012


Professor – Department of Microelectronics

Vice-dean for education – Czech Technical University in Prague, Faculty of Electrical Engineering


Undergraduate and postgraduate courses: Microelectronics, Integrated system structures, Design of integrated circuits, VLSI technologies, System on Chip

B2M34SIS – Struktury integrovaných systémů – AE2M34SIS – Integrated System Structures
B2M34NIS – Návrh integrovaných systémů  – AE2M34NIS – Integrated Systems Design
B2B34MIT – Mikroelektronika (Microelectronics)
A4M34ISC – Integrované systémy na čipu (Integrated systems on chip) – AE4M34ISC – Systems on Chip
A4B34EM – Elektronika a mikroelektronika  – AE4B34EM – Electronics and Microelectronics
XP34STV – Struktury a technologie VLSI

PhD. Students


Tomáš Benka, Dalibor Barri, Pavel Vančura, Jakub Jirsa, Martin Urban


Defended PhD Students:

  1. Ing. Miroslav Kubař, Ph.D. – 2014; Novel Optimization Tool for Analog Integrated Circuits Design
  2. Ing. Jan Formánek, Ph.D. –  2015; Methods for Electronics Components Reliability Improvement
  3. Ing. Vladimír Molata, Ph.D. –  2019; Advanced Power Management for Portable Devices
  4. Ing. Vlastimil Kotě, Ph.D. –  2019; Design of True Random Number Generators Suitable for Integrated Circuits
  5. Ing. Tomáš Nápravník, Ph.D. –  2019; An Automated Method for Calibration of Models of Integrated ESD Protection Structures
  6. Ing. Zdenko Janoška Ph.D. – 2020; Readout electronics of particle detection systems

Research Activities

Member of Microsystems Group at the Department

  • Analogue and Mix-signal Integrated Circuit design (Advanced IC power management, Readout electronic for particle detection systems, design methodologies for Wireless Design Flow).
  • Solid-State Lamp design (design of new 806 lumen SSL retrofit lamp, thermal and thermo-mechanical numerical modelling of LED lamp glow, design of new LED boards, Development of new accelerated characterization methods for SSL LED boards, reliability and lifetime modelling);
  • Microsensors and MEMS design (GaN, GaAs based micromechanical free-standing hot plates for gas sensors, thermomechanical and piezoelectric design of the pressure sensor for harsh environment).


J. Jakovenko is the author and co-author of many scientific publications: 25 journal papers with impact factor, co-author of a chapter in Springer book (MEMS/NEMS Handbook – Techniques and Applications), 56 publications are registered in WoS

Selected recent publications:

Chapters in monographs:

List of all publications

Stays abroad

  • CADENCE Design Systems, Seely Ave., San Jose, CA, USA, 2005, 3 months; Area: Wireless IC design for 802.11 b, g transceiver
  • Hogeschool, Gent – International Business Program, Belgium, 1998, 6 months

National patents:

Formánek, J. – Jakovenko, J.: Measurement system for accelerated lifetime characterization of concentric PCB; Patent Office of Industrial Property, 304545. 2014-05-14


Research activities in the frame of several international and national projects in IC design, applied electronics, MEMS and Microsystems design. Some selected projects:

  • H2020 project – Analog/Mixed-Signal Back End Design Automation based on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Techniques, 2020 – 2024; Co-investigator
  • CAAS DETE – Centre of Advanced Applied Sciences  – Physics and Technology of Detectors, Code: CZ.02.1.01/0.0/0.0/16_019/00007782; 2018 – 2023; Co-investigator
  • WInSiC4AP H2020Wide band gap Innovative SiC for Advanced Power: 2017 – 2020; Code: 737483-2
  • EnSO – Energy for Smart Objects. Horizon 2020: 2016 – 2019; Code: 692482 – a member of the research team
  • CSSL ENIAC Project (7-FP EU) – “Consumerizing Solid State Lighting “; Period: 2010 – 2012; Ext. No: 120219 – a member of the research team
  • MorGaN – Project (7-FP EU – 2008-2011) – “Materials for Robust Gallium Nitride “– a member of the research team,
  • IMINAS Project GAČR GA102/09/1601 – “Intelligent micro and nanostructures for micro-sensors;
  • NATO Science for Peace international project – “Design of RF power sensor microsystem” (1999 – 2003); Ext. No: SfP-974172 – a member of the research team
  • PolyApply Project (6-FP EU) – Application of polymeric electronics, Period: 2004 – 2008; Ext. No.: IST-507143 – member of the research team
  • Target Project (6-FP EU) – “Top Amplifier Research Groups in a European Team “Period: 2004 – 2008; Ext. No: IST-1-507893 – a member of the research team
  • GAČRAdvanced micro and nanostructures for microsensors realized by nanotechnologies. Period: 2009 – 2012; Ext. No.: GA102/09/1601 – member of the research team
  • MINASESMicro nanosensor structures with embedded intelligence. Period: 2006 – 2008; Ext. No.: GA102/06/1624 – member of the research team
  • Advanced analysis system for measuring concentrations of gases and toxic pollutants. Period: 2010 – 2015; Ext. No.: VG20102015015 – member of the research team

Membership in professional committees and counselling bodies

  • Chair, Cochair and Member of the committees for PhD degree defence in “Electronics” – CTU FEE
  • Member of the committee for PhD degree defence in “Microelectronics” – Slovak Technical University, Bratislava and FIT CTU
  • Deputy of the board for master theses defence and final state examination in Electronics, CTU FEE;
  • Member of the board for master theses defence and final state examination, University of Technology Brno.

Other professional activities:

  • Reviewing for scientific journals like IEEE Industrial Electronics Magazine, IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics, Electron Device Letters, IEEE Sensors Journal, Microelectronics Reliability, Advances in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Radioengineering, Reviewer for conferences like IMAPS EDS
  • Leader of IC and MEMS design laboratory at CTU FEE (Cadence lab), Department of Microelectronic; Since 2004
  • External consultations for CADENCE Design Systems, Seely Ave., San Jose, CA, USA (2005 – 2008) (IPs for 802.11 b, g transceiver)
  • Organization of European IC Design course IDESA and European MEMS Design course STIMESI
  • Specialized course and training for the employees of BOSCH
  • Member of the council of the doctoral study program Electronics at CTU FEE
  • Member of CTU Internal Evaluation Council – Chairman of the Education Commission
  • FEE Dean’s management board – member
  • CTU Vice-rector Board for education – member
  • CTU Vice-rector Board for International relations- member
  • Lifelong Learning Council at CTU – Chairman of the Committee for Long life education on CTU FEE
  • Member of the management of the Department of Microelectronics
  • Chairman of the HR committees of the FEE academic staff
  • HR Award project at CTU – a member of the group for the preparation of career rules and evaluation of employees at CTU
  • Chair of the accreditation team preparing the institutional accreditation at CTU FEE
  • Chair of the EECS program accreditation team
  • Development of international student mobility at CTU FEE – coordinator of several Double degree programs at FEE (RWTH Aachen, NTUST, Kazan, Eurecom)
  • Management of foreign degree students at CTU FEE

Invited and Kye Note lectures

  • Jiří Jakovenko: Research highlights at Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Czech Technical University in Prague; UMASS LOWELL, December 12th, 2017
  • Jiří Jakovenko: LED Lamp Reliability: Predicting Future LED lamp performance, CSSL Workshop on LED-based lighting system, September 28th, Barcelona, 2012
  • Keynote lecture: Thermo-mechanical evaluation and lifetime simulation of high power LED lamp boards. EuroSimE 2012 – Porto: IEEE, 2012
  • Jiří Jakovenko: Third STIMESI Workshop on MEMS and Microsystems Research and Teaching Kaiserstejnsky Palace, Prague, Czech Republic 13, 2009

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