jakovenko_fJiří Jakovenko

doc. Ing., Ph.D.

Tel: +420-22435 2794

E-mail: jakovenk(at)feld.cvut.cz


Associate professor – Department of Microelectronics

Vice-dean for education – Czech Technical University in Prague, Faculty of Electrical Engineering


A2M34NIS – Návrh integrovaných systémů
A4M34ISC – Integrované systémy na čipu
A2M34SIS – Struktury integrovaných systémů
A4B34EM – Elektronika a mikroelektronika
AE2M34NIS – Integrated Systems Design
AE2M34SIS – Integrated System Structures
AE4B34EM – Electronics and Microelectronics
AE4M34ISC – Systems on Chip
XP34STV – Struktury a technologie VLSI

Other activities associated with teaching:

Since 2015 – Member of board of Electronic and Communication program at CTU FEE

Since 2014 – Member of board of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science program at CTU FEE

Since 2013 – Member of Vice-rector board for Education

Since 2013 – Chairman of the Committee for Long life education on CTU FEE

Since 2011 – Member of the committee for final state exams at FEI VUT Brno.

Since 2008 – Reviewer of PhD thesis

Since 2005 – Member of the committee for the defense of dissertations and final state exams, CTU Prague.

Since 2005 – Supervisor of PhD students (currently 6 PhD).

PhD. Students


Vladimír Molata, Vlastimil Kotě, Tomáš Nápravník, Zdenko Janoška, Tomáš Benka, Martin Jelínek


Miroslav Kubař – PhD thesis: Novel Optimization Tool for Analog Integrated Circuits Design 2014

Jan Formánek – PhD thesis: Methods for Electronic Components Reliability Improvement  2015

Research Activities

Member of Microsystems Group at the Department


Selected recent publications:

Chapters in monographs:

List of all publications

Stays abroad

• CADENCE Design Systems, Seely Ave., San Jose, CA, USA, 2005, 4 months; Area: Wireless IC design for 802.11 b, g transceiver
• Hogeschool, Gent – International Business Program, Belgium, 1998, 6 months

Invaited and Kye Note lectures

• Jiří Jakovenko: LED Lamp Reliability: Predicting Future LED lamp performance, CSSL Workshop on LED based lighting system, September 28th, Barcelona, 2012
• Jiří Jakovenko: Thermo-mechanical evaluation and life time simulation of high power LED lamp boards. EuroSimE 2012 – Porto: IEEE, 2012
• Jiří Jakovenko: Third STIMESI Workshop on MEMS and Microsystems Research and Teaching Kaiserstejnsky Palace, Prague, Czech Republic 13, 2009

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