Present projects:

  • Hazdra, P.: Essential Elements of Diamond Power Electronics (20–22, GA 20-1140S)
  • Hazdra, P.: Printed Heterogeneous Gas Sensor Arrays with Enhanced Sensitivity and Selectivity  (22–24, GA 22-04533S)
  • Hazdra, P.: Silicon Carbide Power Electronics Technology for Enegy Efficient Devices (14–17, OK7X NMP3-LA-2013-604057)
  • Husák, M.:  GaNfor Advanced Power (GaN4AP) (21–23, H2020-ECSEL-2020 8A21007 )
  • Husák, M.: Smart Access Control for Smart Buildings (SACON) (19–22, Eurostars 7D19001)
  • Husák, M.: MEMS Sensors with Optical Scanning (18–21, TH03010205)
  • Husák, M.: Energy for Smart Objects (16–19, H20 692482-2)
  • Mareš, D.: Utilizing flexible substrates for enhanced SERS (21–22, CTU-NTUST-110-02)
  • Prajzler, V.: Micro and nanostructured waveguides for controlled distribution of light (19–21, TH04020195)
  • Prajzler, V.: Optical planar channel polymer waveguides for high-capacity and high-speed data transmission (19–21, TH04020118)
  • Prajzler, V.: Flexible 2D a 3D Polymer  Photonic Structures (15–18, TH01020276)

Responsible person: Pavel Hazdra