We are a research group at the Department of Microelectronics focused on the research of new waveguide structures and components suitable for integrated optics applications and optoelectronic circuits. During the last period, we have solved the following problems: design and fabrication of optical polymer flexible waveguides, research of properties of optical materials doped with active ion, and SERS sensors. Possibilities of solving some optical and optoelectronic integrated structures for optical telecommunication, measuring, and sensor applications.


Research activities

  • Fabrications and measurement properties of the optical polymer planar waveguides
  • Analysis, fabrication and measurement properties of new planar electro-optical structures for distribution and control of optical signal
  • Research of integrated optical circuit solutions for optical communication, measuring and sensor applications



Head of research group: Vaclav Prajzler.

Group members

V.Jeřábek, D.Mareš, T.Martan, P.Kulha, J.Šmejcký, P.Martínek, M.Zikmund



2019 – 2021, TH04020118, Technology Agency of the Czech Republic – Optical planar channel polymer waveguides for high-capacity and high-speed data transmission.

2019 – 2021, TH04020195, Technology Agency of the Czech Republic– Micro and nanostructured waveguides for controlled distribution of light.

2020 – 2022, SGS20/175/OHK3/3T/13, CTU – Integrated and Phonic Circuits and Microstructures (IFOM).

2017 – 2019, SGS17/188/OHK3/3T/13, CTU – Micro and nanostructures and components.

2015 – 2018, TH01020276, Technology Agency of the Czech Republic – Flexible 2D & 3D polymer photonics structures.

2014 – 2017, TA04021007, Technology Agency of the Czech Republic – Active and compatible sensor elements for sufficient enhancement of sensitivity of standard Raman photometers for environment analysis.

2014 – 2016, SGS14/195/OHK3/3T/13, CTU – Micro-nano-optoelectronic structures, components and systems (MiNa). 


Responsible person: Václav Prajzler