jirasek_fLubor Jirásek

Ing., CSc.

Tel: +420-22435 2264

Pedagogical officer of the department


1978      Ing.       CTU FEE, field Communication electrical engineering, specialization electronics
1983      CSc.       CTU FEE, field of Radio Electronics

Professional career

1978 – 1979        CTU FEE intern, Department of Microelectronics, Prague
1979 – 1981        Internal postgraduate CTU FEE, Department of Microelectronics, Prague
1981 – 1982        Research Assistant, Department of Microelectronics, CTU FEE, Prague
1982 – today      Assistant Professor, CTU FEE, Prague


A2B34ELP – Elektronické prvky
A0M34NNZ – Návrh napájecích zdrojů pro elektroniku
XP34PED – Perspektivní elektronické součástky

From the beginning he participated as an instructor in the teaching of the subject Electronic Elements, in 1983–7 and 1991-4 he was commissioned to lead lectures and 1983-1994 exercises in the subject Heavy Current Microelectronics, in 1988–92 he lectured and practiced the subject Electronics of Materials I. 1993-1997 participated in the exercises of the subject Physical Electronics. From 1993 to 2008 he lectured and practiced the subject Application of Power Components. In 1998 and from 2000 to 2008, he was commissioned to lead lectures on Electronic Components. From 1995 to 2011 he participated in the exercises of the subject Electronics and so far in the exercises Power supplies in electronics and Electronic components. In the last two years he has been lecturing the subject Electronics for the combined form of bachelor’s study. Since the beginning of his work at the department, he has led more than 72 graduates and 105 bachelors. In the years 1979-86 he organized the Student Scientific and Professional Activity (SVOČ) at the faculty, organized two national rounds and participated in the organization of the international round SVOČ. He also led several high school students in SOČ.

Research Activities

Member of Microsystems Group at the Department

He started working in the group of Doc. Kodeše, where he collaborated on problems of diagnostics of power components, especially in cooperation with ČKD semiconductors and the Institute of Physics of the Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences. He later worked in the Microsystems group, where he solved the issues of semiconductor UV radiation detectors and cooperated in solving problems of diagnostics and treatment of cancer using photodynamic therapy and UV radiation prevention with the Dermatology Clinic of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Charles University and the Czech Academy of Sciences. Recently, he has also been involved in the design, manufacture and testing of materials for artificial muscles.

Membership in domestic and foreign professional bodies and organizations

Member of ČSVTS, JČSMF, FVS JČSMF and JČMF, member of Elektra and board member, now a member of the Elektra audit committee.

Foreign operations

In 1980 he was trained to work on an ion implant at Balzers, and 1993 he spent a research stay at Bournemouth University (3 months), York University (3 months).


Rector and Dean Award for leading Student Scientific and Professional Activities, diploma for the best presentation at the International Conference Light 2000.


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