Research topics

• Advanced Radiation Testing

     • Total Ionizing Dose effects

     • Displacement Dose Effects

     • Radiation defects analysis

  • Radiation enhanced electronics

     • SiC PiN diode lifetime controll

  • Modelling of radiation effects

     • TCAD simulation

    • Radiation dependent SPICE model

Wide band gap, high electrical strength, thermal conductivity and radiation hardness of devices processed from silicon carbide (SiC) offer improved ratings in different applications. In space applications, these devices are exposed to various particles like protons and electrons trapped in the Van Allen belts, heavy ions trapped in the magnetosphere, protons and heavy ions from cosmic ray and solar flare. Neutrons may play important role too. Neutrons in the space environments are present in galactic background and solar events. Neutrons as the high energy secondary particles are also produced by the interaction of high energy particles with the materials used to construct spacecraft. The next potential source of high energy neutrons can be nuclear reactor used as energy source.

Current Grants

  • Czech Science Foundation Grant No. No. 20-11140S Essential Elements of Diamond Power Electronics
  • Student Grant Competition of CTU Grant No.: SGS20/176/OHK3/3T/13 Electron Devices Based on a Modern Materials, Thin Films and Nanostructures