We are a research group of the Department of Microelectronics focused on the study of new semiconductor structures, their design, characterization and application. At present, we focus mainly on the study of semiconductor nanostructures, quantum coupled structures, the development of new technologies for power electronics and the application of selected semiconductor components.

Research Activities

  • Wide-Bandgap Semiconductor Power Electronics (diamond, silicon carbide)
  • Radiation Hardness of Semiconductor Devices
  • Organic Gas Sensors
  • Nanodiamond and ZnO Gas Sensors
  • Simulation of Electronic Transport in Nanostructures


Recent Publications


Head of the research group:  Pavel Hazdra

Group Members:

P. Hazdra, J. Vobecký, J. Voves, V. Záhlava, Šustková, H., A. Pošta, V. Povolný, A., R. Dadashov, A. Ahmad, P. Smrkovský.

Responsible person: Pavel Hazdra