Evolution of the Smart Power technologies – public lecture

MTT/ED/AP/EMC Chapter Czechoslovakia Section IEEE
Department of Microelectronics FEE CTU in Prague

Evolution of the Smart Power technologies and design techniques toward low power and high density in High Voltage ICs.

Author: Giulio Ricotti

  • He is a certificate teacher at the internal ST-University managing 3 technical courses.
  • Actually, he is Design Director and Technical Fellow in R&D for Smart Power Technology.
  • He is author of more than 50 patents and 45 papers & Conferences.


The presentation goes through the evolution of the Smart Power technologies, from ICs integrating a few power elements, for motor drive or DC/DC converters, to a huge number of HV drivers (up to 200V) for many actual application fields, for example systems for medical imaging or MEMS actuator drivers. A particular emphasis will be given to the analysis of the main design difficulties and relative solutions implemented to reach the required performances. At the end some example of innovative challenges will be presented and commented.

Short Biography of Giulio Ricotti

Location and time:
Monday 30. 1. 2017, 14:00, room 54, FEE CTU in Prague